Now You Can Get Drunk By Eating This Red Wine Brownie!


Red wine and brownies sound like one of the scrumptious pairings in historical past, however now, issues simply went from 0-100.

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In what may be the best year on file of discovering unimaginable booze-filled treats. The brownie sorcerers have concocted gooey chocolate yum-yum squares infused with wine. (FYI, Chocolate yum-yum squares is their scientific identify.)


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If you wish to put together this your self, you’ll want two bottles of wine. These of you nodding in silent settlement perceive, however for these of you surprised by the sheer quantity of alcohol I simply instructed, open up your pocket book and prepare to be taught one thing.

Bottle one is for you and your folks to take pleasure in pre-bake, (clearly). Whereas bottle two is (largely) for the brownies themselves.