Over Pleasuring Youreself Could Ruin Your Life!



When you combine masturbating and p!!!, it can affect your personal sens life. Men who pleasure while watching p!!! heighten their visual stimulation, craving more and more. Consequently, the response and intimacy with an actual partner is affected because p!!! will turn him on more.

Other parts of your life begin to suffer. If you are avoiding getting together with friends or are late for work because you are satisfying yourself, that is a problem. Pleasuring yourself should never get in the way of your social life and work.



You are not enjoying yourself in other parts of your life because you keep thinking about the next time you get to pleasure yourself. If you are distracted by constant thoughts of pleasure you may be dealing with a behaviour problem. You need to talk to someone.

An addiction can be anything from alcohol, gambling, and sens. If masturbating is getting in the way of your life and you can’t control it, it’s time you seek help from a professional like a therapist or sens addiction counselor.