This Woman Is In Love With A… Vacuum Cleaner


If you backume back to your early childhood, I’m positive you may keep in mind one particular object you had been endlessly hooked up to over another. Be it a blanket, a cuddly toy, or a large outsized reproduction of Flik from A Bug’s Life, we will all level to that one object we cherished greater than all the remainder.

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Now, think about if you never shook your childhood attachment to things. What would such a life be like? Effectively, there’s a rising group of people that report experiencing simply this. They’re knowns as objectum-sensuals and so they’re in love with objects. From the tiniest mannequin practice to whole buildings, there’s no obvious rhyme or motive to the objects objectum-sensuals discover themselves falling in love with.


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In line with scientific sensologist Dr Amy Marsh, objectum-sensuals are “individuals who expertise emotional, romantic, affectionate and/or sensual relationships with objects”. Simply as hetrosensuals type emotional bonds with the other intercourse, and homosensuals desire to stay to their very own intercourse; objectum-sensuals type real, lasting bonds with objects.